*~crackwhore~* (cookie4life) wrote,

i am tired with no desire to put together things that just fall apart

so i realised that i havent updated in soooo long so i decided i should....what to report? not much i dont think
summer is done...lol
and school SUCKS
i cant do it
for a whole year
ugh asjdklasdj
i cant wait till i get my damn liscence....
4 weeks till my birthday...
ummmm there was a long weekend sometime
went by brent on friday...lukie dropped us home
vani slept by me
uh saturday i went.....
oh yea up cascade to....some girls bday lime ahaha
waste of my time
sunday went woodford with darren, mariana and stanton
twas the shiznet lol
woke up like hung over on monday
i dont feel like updating ahaha
i want to repierce my lip
me and pie need to fulfill our to-do list lol
ummmmm........i need a boy toy
and that is the end of this updation 
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